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Client: Fairtrade
Project: Fairtrade Matters
Media: DVD, social content, film premiere
Scope: Creative direction

Fairtrade wanted to showcase a project as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. Our strategy was to show the people behind the products – in this case, Edson and Tsala, a tea farmer and tea picker from neighbouring villages in Malawi. The full 13-minute film interweaves their lives and allows us to understand how Fairtrade means everything to them as they look to keep themselves out of poverty. We premiered the film in London with bloggers, corporate partners and Fairtrade ambassadors, whilst also producing a DVD which was sent out to Fairtrade branches around the country. We uploaded both the full film and a 90 second cutdown to youtube, which added another 250,000 views.


Fairtrade Matters was shortlisted at The Drum Content Awards.

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