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Client: Save the Children
Project: Acquisition
Media: DRTV
Scope: Copywriting, creative direction


Connecting an audience to a story unfolding 4,000 miles away is no easy feat. 


Not many people in the UK have had to worry about a child with severe malnutrition, but anyone who is a parent or who has ever been a child will relate to the worry of a sleepless night. And this formed our platform to create an effective DRTV ad that evoked empathy rather than sympathy.


This was a truly-inspiring shoot, filmed in northern Kenya. In the space of days, we saw Aisha (all names changed to protect identities) brought back from the brink, thanks to nutritious food paste that donations can help provide. The moment she climbed back onto her feet really captured the power of a story well told.

With thanks to Aisha's mum, Saadia, for telling their story. And for Doctor Fowsa for describing the life-saving power of donations.

The ad was filmed by Simpa Samson, an award-winning videographer based in Nairobi, edited by Jake Wynne, and produced by Chris Gane at Vince.

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