Client: WaterAid
Project: Acquisition
Media: DRTV
Scope: Strategy, copywriting, art direction, creative direction, direction

When WaterAid first came to us, DRTV effectiveness was dwindling considerably. For the first campaign, we went back to basics, creating a powerful narrative around Choose Water, Choose Life. An incredibly moving shoot in Rwanda became the DRTV ad that ran as the banker creative for many years, bringing in over 12,000 new regular donations.


Since then, we've developed a suite of DRTV cash appeals – creating strong urgency and response across both regular giving and cash executions. The ads are in current rotation, putting WaterAid's DRTV on a firm footing for the future, with our test featuring Mike Craven-Todd – cameraman on many of the executions – proving most successful of all.

More recently, filming on location in Uganda has yielded three more executions: Home Before Dark, featuring five-year-old Gloria who faces the challenge of making it back from her walk to fetch water before sunset; Long Walk To Water, featuring six-year-old Kataike who has to walk miles to fetch water for her family; and I've Seen The Difference, again featuring cameraman Mike, but this time showing the progress that has been made in the twenty years that he has filmed for WaterAid's DRTV ads.

A shoot in Sierra Leone inspire two 'business as usual' executions – Stolen Childhoods featuring Musa, a child missing out on his childhood; and Danger All Around, showing Marie's perilous journey to fetch deadly water – and also a brand new type of DRTV ad, looking to 'break the mould', called First Drop. The ad was scored by the impeccable Guy Farley, voiced by Bob Fox, shot by Mike Craven-Todd and produced by Andrew Guy. It was shortlisted at The Drum Creative Awards for Best Charity Campaign.

Our latest shoot in Burkina Faso has inspired All She Knows, the story of Assiatou, a seven-year-old girl who fetches water from a dangerous hole in a dried up riverbed.