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Client: WaterAid
Project: Acquisition
Media: DRTV
Scope: Strategy, copywriting, art direction, creative direction, direction

When WaterAid first came to us, DRTV effectiveness was dwindling considerably. For the first campaign, we went back to basics, creating a powerful narrative around Choose Water, Choose Life. An incredibly moving shoot in Rwanda became the DRTV ad that ran as the banker creative for many years, bringing in over 12,000 new regular donations. The ad below is the latest iteration that is still successful ten years later.

Since then, we've developed a suite of DRTV cash appeals – creating strong urgency and response across both regular giving and cash executions. The ads are in current rotation, putting WaterAid's DRTV on a firm footing for the future, with our test featuring Mike Craven-Todd – cameraman on many of the executions, and shown above – proving most successful of all.

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