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Client: McDonald's
Project: Various
Media: Poster, press, radio, TV idents
Scope: Copywriting, art direction

It was no wonder that McDonald's won client of the year. They consistently brought work that cut through, stood out and delivered its message with wit and charm. The posters above launched a limited edition chocolate orange McFlurry, a new upmarket Steak Premiere and a prize promotion. As the classic quote recalls, we had the time to make it shorter – consistently stripping all the words away until the visual carried the message.


On radio, we had great fun tying Hugh Dennis in verbal knots to promote waking up properly with a McDonald's breakfast.


Meanwhile, if your ears can stand it, we produced a campaign of TV idents around Pop Rivals showing that anybody can at least try and sing into their straws. Great fun.

McDonald's - Properly up wake
McDonald's - Sentence string a together
McDonald's - Driving with trouble
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