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Client: ShelterBox
Project: Book Club
Media: digital, direct mail
Scope: Strategy, branding, design, copywriting, art direction, creative direction

Charitable fundraising is changing. Increasingly, people don't just want to hand over money and let the charity get on with spending it – there's more of a desire to feel part of the experience. With subscription boxes becoming more prevalent in other areas, we conceived the ShelterBox Book Club. It's an excellent way for readers around the country to receive book choices inspired by real people who have been helped by ShelterBox's work.

The endline – no ordinary books, no ordinary book club – captures the unique nature of this club, and the first phase of digital ads have resulted in member sign-ups nearly 100% above target, with a cost-per-acquisition around one-third of forecast.

The No Ordinary Book Club campaign was shortlisted by the Marketing Week Masters Awards, the Caples Awards and the Institute of Fundraising Awards.

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