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Client: JustGiving
Project: Brand
Media: TV, VOD, Radio, social media
Scope: Creative direction, copywriting, art direction

JustGiving is the world's most-trusted online giving platform. But with other brands snapping at their heels, it was time to launch their first-ever above-the-line brand campaign.

Our successful pitch honed in on the brain's dopamine hit response to helping others – that do-good, feel-good feeling that is a proven human truth. Other cultures have a word for it, so our quest to find the equivalent began. And so 'find your Jing' was born. Jing is that feeling you get at the finish line, when you hit your fundraising target, when you know you've done good. Here's to inspiring more of those jolts of joy, those goosebumps of goodness, that surge of satisfaction.

Huge thanks to Partizan for taking on the TV project, directed by Julian Pugsley. 

Radio: jolt of joy
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Radio: wallop of warmth
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