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Client: UNISON
Project: Acquisition
Media: TV, radio, national and sector press, digital
Scope: Strategy, copywriting, art direction, creative direction

Like many unions, when UNISON approached us their membership was in steady decline. A change in strategy and messaging was needed, and audience research led us to understand that motivations to join were far more weighted to individual concerns than the power of the collective.


This insight led us to reframe the acquisition message as being essential cover for everybody working in public services – and position joining UNISON as the best way to stop yourself lying awake worrying at night.


Since launch, UNISON has bucked the trend and has now grown to over 1.3 million members, making it the largest union in the UK. We've tested and refined numerous press insertions and digital banners, and extended the campaign onto radio, as well as giving individual union reps the materials needed to take the message directly into the workplace.

The latest iteration of the campaign draws on the nation's appreciation for our keyworkers during the Coronavirus pandemic. But, at a time when we're clapping them all, concern for safety is rife amongst public service workers. The animated world allowed us to reflect the real world, in a way that could give new members the reassurance and peace of mind they so badly needed.

UNISON - Whisper
UNISON - Alarm
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