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One moment in time.

It’s probably not something you’ve ever been asked. Or thought about. But, if you could only show your audience one fleeting moment, what would you choose?

Take a minute to think about it. Longer if you need.

One amazing moment.

Got it?

Are you sure?

Just one?

Great. Now freeze that moment in your mind. Imagine you’re in some kind of Matrix, able to step outside that slice of time. Walk around it and examine it from every angle.

Now think about how to showcase that moment to your supporters, your customers, even your friends. Is there a completely new angle? Is there a different voice? Is there a stronger way to bring it life?

It’s something we’ve just done with WaterAid. Their amazing moment is the first drop of clean water falling from a tapstand into the hands of a child. And, like Newton’s apple falling on his head, it was our creative epiphany.

That first drop is joyous. It transforms lives. It sparks amazing celebrations.

But, it only takes 0.1 seconds from drop to splash (yes, I now know that the terminal velocity of a drop of water is around 20 miles an hour). So just how could we step outside the reality of that moment and stretch it out across a brand new, 90 second ad?

The answer was a Phantom ultra-slow-mo camera, that can slow time down by a factor of 120. Every glorious frame of footage captures the sheer majesty of water — the moment it first takes flight; the graceful twist and pulse as gravity takes hold; and the sparkling crowns of water splashing back up from grateful hands.

The ad is a cinematic celebration of clean water. It breaks the mould of need-solution-need DRTV, but seeks to do it in a way that can both make people feel good and ready to support.

Watch the ad here. Then, think about the power of your best moment. Maybe I can help you find a new way to bring it to life?


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